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Debriefing 21st November 2008

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Seth's notes - Ecosonic Debrief                                 21st November 2008



Thomas Gardener, Stephen Preston, Peter Coyte, Seth Ayyaz



Discussion of Cafe Oto performance and future directions.




Simplify, minimise need for complex wiring, standardise set up etc.

2 hours needed. ½ hr for equipment, then sound check.

practice set up as part of rehearsing, so can all do it.

need for rear ouija operator monitors

would like dim lights on each player, side projection

? individual instrumental monitors (may not be necessary)


prolonged hiss ( a process didn't self terminate)

earth hum

led light bulb broke

Kirstin in unfamiliar environment

sense of diminishment

When it goes wrong, what's the plan?

Shape of improvisation discussed - issue of “taking own authority”. To respect agreed structure / procedure vs departing (free) and initiating something else, working in the moment.



Developing the electronics

New sounds – all can contribute files, developing the vocabulary

? can incorporate some of Seth's modules ( when ready) – gathering perceptual / performance data.

Retaining overall control – what mixer / sound card combination to have on stage.

discussed RME multiface, MOTU 828 mkIII, Peter's gaffered solution

Enhancing ouija operator performance options:

Contact mics on ouija frame

Wii controller + Steim's Junction




environmental audio        Sound card         Hardware         House Sound System and

instrumental sound        Computer        controllers        Spatialisation / Diffusion

gesture data                        / mixer



Rituals. Each performer needs to tune into where each is situated in the sound space. Once system in place, make a sound in the ecology, locate where we are in relation to others. Otherwise cannot locate our actions in the sound space, end up working from memory rather than perceptual exploration and interaction.

Discussion of David Stern's book and Damasio.



Repertoires of exercises / rituals to be developed:

throwing the ball ( literally and /or metaphorically)

Stockhausen INTUITION pieces

sketching out the various possible combinations – duos, trios, etc.




Would be useful to develop a “package” - press promo, website, edit video, audio etc.

Develop list of possible concerts – Vienna, ARS electronica, Helsinki, Huddersfield, Interlace @ Goldsmiths etc.

Further grants – PRS etc.










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