March 2009




Recordings from rehearsal on 13-03-2009













Next  - Friday 13th March 2009 12am till 5pm

Plan for next rehearsal


Wednesday 18th set up at 2pm Improv at 4, wine provided after --- An improv and seminar, which Taina Riikonen will do with us at LCC in the afternoon. For the staff and research students. David Toop, Cathy Lane and others will come to discuss the work, and up to 15 research students.


Friday 20th rehearsal (time to be confirmed, ie could be late afternoon morning evening – whatever is best). Taina will be there to observe and engage.


Week of 23rd To be discussed. The Monday looks good, Friday 27th not good as some of us have flights that day. See what we need.


To Do list



Notes from last rehearsal

Rehearsal Notes from Friday 6th March 2009