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Notes for Gt Maxfield rehearsal 5 Sept 08

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Notes for rehearsal with TG & SP Gt Maxfield 5.9.08


Initial discussion. [Big Bang needs usb controller prepared?]. Talked about 'turn sharing' article by Gene Lerner, and article by Steven Brown in Origins of Music.

Discussed key points from last rehearsal - I thought that the Dialogue and Bonding difference was a breakthrough.




Body-conic improvs

1. First impro with metronome, moving and standing, I was carrying cello adopting each others body posture , leaning, foot in out, quasi millitary? head up. I mentioned the Jonathan Boroughs and Mateo's sitting dance duet..


2. improv used down beat of metronome only, no point in both.Foot forward, to side , up in air.


3. If bodies are both standing in similar positions play with metronome, if different play freely.

Problem, not much initial relation between body position and sound. Good is chance for each person to change the mood and speed.


Continued exploring eyebrow gestures. Eyebrow reinforcement exercises The eyebrows return to a normal expression after each gesture is made. A gesture series either re-inforces or counters an initiating gesture. If a counter gesture is made this becomes the initiating gesture of a new series.

Eg.  initiate with raised brows – relax to normal – raised again – normal – frown (counter and new initating gesture) – normal – frown – etc.



1. Played two eyeconic impros. (I then have a note about which I don’t remember what it means: What is the flow of affect? amusement about?/misery about the rain?)

Will use voice, thought it might be a like a 1 year old child wawawawa bebebebe.

After, wondered 'what was the subject of the improvisation'. At the simplest level eyebrows up seemed like a comment saying the improv is going well, which is also quite funny. Eyebrows down could mean either I am not feeling right about it, or something like 'its raining...'. The eyebrow up = the positive invitation to the other person, the reward is joy. The eybrow down is a suggestion that it is not going well, it being - the pleasure of the engagement, the feeling inwardly of not connecting. But it could mean thoughtfull etc Talked about the sincerety of the mother infant dialogue, that if mother is angry or not. Need not be overspecific about the meaning of a position. (Stephen today - one reason why affect broke down in the 18th century, particularly in sound)

The 2nd impro was freer – it included a few words related to the affect (no note made of the words used or how used


Did 3 ambient improvs

2. Ambient – alternating. I Responded to the ticking clock, exagerating its loudness

3. Ambient – commenting. ie. 2nd player comments on statement of 1st player, who does not respond. 2nd player stops playing and 1st player continues with original statement. (No notes made about this impro)

4. Ambient – long breaths. (No notes made about this impro either!) I requested this improv, as felt the need for a quieter and breath length. Stephens improv made me think of being in that room at night with the wind blowing outside and people snoring upstairs. It felt very nice to be as quiet as the sounds which are a long long way away.


Thinking about the whole lot of improvisations we did, it felt like we had moved between different senses of space, beginning with the close social physical proximity and moving outwards to the distant environment. Interesting question, how does bringing the distant environment in to the social proximity happen.

NOTE feel that this would be one of the things that it is very important to know better


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