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Notes for Tuesday 19 August 2008

Page history last edited by Thomas Gardner 15 years, 3 months ago


NOTES FOR 2008-08-19  Tuesday



Need a paragraph or two about the ideals of ecosoncis.



Plan structure/content of rehearsals for time ie. what we do - particularly important when there are more than two of us.

In preparation of rehearsals and meetings we will get together some materials (particularly rehearsals involving other players (eg Seth, Iris)

we should develop ideas/approaches/materials:



SP and TG will have a little acoustic session each time we meet, to have something solid to show, this could use anything acoustic (not just flute and cello, ie piano).


Studies – overall aims:

Stay with the other

Not go inside yourself

Responsive exchange and listening

Explore constraints ie themes, techniques, materials


Studies previous and new:

Outsider (new idea: have outsider as observer/commentator on the insider exchange)


Sound strategies related to the above aims

Periodic pulse based


(we could list all the kinds of studies we have done)

Can dialogic coherence be maintained a) when there are long periods of silence between statements? and b) when statements consist of long phrases?

The studies are ways of developing forms which stretch from anarchy to ritualisation,and which use various degrees of technical (eg ecosonic technique on flute) and sonic  (eg. single texture like percussive, sustained, etc) constraints.



The model we will use for the next few rehearsals

Take a simple model and elaborate it

- the forms which are around us

- Syntax outsider (syntax – that we cant be on the second floor without the first)

- how we got here, enter and leave

- who people are in the group (stephens dance company, with dance styles from different companies)


We tried

1 physical improv not instruments

2 rhythmic groups 2 2 1 ||

3 fast alternation

4 one body making both sounds, voice + hand.

The issue = shared control and response times. Lower the resistance to accepting and responding.





Other things


5th 12th or 19th for rehearsals


We could have a performance in the interlace series and goldsmiths.


I cant find our old Wiki – do you know where it is (Wetpaint wiki is http://ecosonic.wetpaint.com/  )


Touch sensors for flute for piece.


Discussed the Cambridge youtube video and what the dutch bloke said,






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