Plan for next rehearsal

General  goal in this rehearsal  (Friday 13th March)  (Put whatever you think appropriate)


To listen to and respond to the location recording material, and begin to attune our sensibilities. (Sound recording as pathetic trigger) [thomas]

Prepare some ideas for the short public Session with Taina on Wednesday 18th

and Vienna. [thomas]


Specific things to try (Put whatever you think appropriate)


Do the setting up in a pre-planned and repeatable order. [thomas]

a. Microphone setup and checking. (this could be done right away by using the MOTU with headphones. Seth do it with Peter and Stephen while I set up Ouija )

Each player to have labelled input channels ie Seth channels 1 and 2, Stephen 3 and 4, Thomas 5 and 6, External remote microphone 7 Peter Mic 8 – we stick to them. (this will help ‘personalise’ the set up, and the way the software routings work for Peter).

b. Loudspeaker check.

c. Ouija Physical set up


More technical thing I (thomas) would like to try

Get some experience of working with freely changing Ouija environments using the Lemur interface (3 or 4 will be set up for the rehearsal)