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Rehearsal ideas for 19 Sept 08

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 10 months ago


Acoustic section

This sets up a change in feeling

Social proximity

Antiphonal pairs, argument, periodic and overlapping. Timed (duration to be negotiated)

Pairs + commenting outsider

Repetitive inner core with commenting outsiders



Distance brought into the social

Antiphonal pair outside room, ambient group inside


Ouija acoustic section

Distance brought into the social

White noise and distant environmental sounds. (crows) As in post-bigbang



Put microphone outside building.

Put couple outside with mic + inst + radio

Social proximity

duetting improv with ouija

ouija response and call


Big Bang run through




[ Notes - bring the Bigbang performace score, check with Ciaran about radio mic for outside relay]


Ideas for rehearsal with Iris and Seth Ayyaz


Explore how the acoustic sounds work/fit together with

Ambient (various forms)

Duetting – antiphonal?; argument

Set parameters eg. technique /explore limits/parallel between instruments; timed (argument/bonding)


Try forms of chorus + individual voices

Eyeconic, facial communication?


Suggest for performance we work towards a version of the Big Bang


Additional ideas from 5.9.08:

Proximity of events - ie closeness of social engagement - physical proximity as in dialogue moving outwards to physical distance made close by aural engagement (distant sounds in ambient impros)

Slow, physical ambient.

(Thomas, do you remember what was meant by these notes? - I'm damned if I do)

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