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To Do List

Page history last edited by peter@petercoyte.co.uk 14 years, 11 months ago

Good news


I have received the new improved fitted Ouija sheet.


Names for group



something to do with haunt, unconscious, other spirits coming to us, hidden influence

umbra sonore, Seance, sub-liminal, hidden knowledge, automatic writing,


The kind of name that I think would be good is one that helps us in the improvisations. Personally I think that something related to Seance, something to do with haunt, unconscious, other spirits coming to us, hidden influence (sub-liminal) etc apparently, according to seth, ouija means hidden knowledge - so if you have any sudden flashes of spooky insight please tell.

It could be that the whole ouija idea is exactly mirrored in the way that we listen to each others arguments and differences - that these provide/provoke the unconscious source of direction



something to do with ecosonics and our history


something to do with liminal


Some ideas from Peter:

Shadow Project

Penumbra Project

err... that's it for this morning






Post Vienna -


Distribute and edit the 9 channel files - balance of ouija and live instrumental feeds.

Audio mix to be sent to Viki in Vienna - for addition to video.

Possible remixes, use as source materials - starts to build an archive for potential studio projects + deployment in future live sets.


Joint article with Taino Riikonen - "A Question of Liminality: Ecosonic Negotiations of Improvisation Interaction"............

Consider the implications of spaceshipmanship and porcine offsetting.


For Wednesday 18th

Get someone to video it and record the session and discussions


For Vienna

Decide on Monitoring and speaker placement for Vienna

Try to get the right camera -

Documentation of gig (christian, victoria at gig peter remind) comments on Wiki one to do page.


Promo and Further Development


Public web set of Promo material (Kirsten as Web designer)

Promo package

Archive facility


Ouija improvements and technical changes

Select a time slice up for buffers

Further attention to Relative levels of sounds

Press ‘record’ to get a recording of our performance

Set up spots for Second Ouija player

Get dots and cover of Ouija board sorted for easy set up.

Get camera and camera holder/positioner sorted. (May need a Firewire2 cconverter so that video data goes in via a separate firewire connection from the MOTU to avoid bandwidth problems)


Ouija Technical changes

2nd copy of Max video program

Give Peter a global volume control

I made the grid size smaller (20x20), which may have made the ouija more responsive, as Peter said - but also may have made it harder to do small gradual differences.

Check the scaling of the input through the system - do we lose something at the top end.

Made the sine extractor 11 times louder, made seths file 1 down to normal levels.

The lemur was not connecting - needed to reset my IP address in Jazz Editor



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